MKRF Initiative: Health

Campaign: Waba Ko Dawa Do

Date: July 19 – 29, 2020

The Polio Challenge

Long-Term – Eliminate Polio From Pakistan

The Battle Call: Commence narrative building, changing mindsets about Polio

  • Destroy myths and misconceptions about the polio vaccine.
  • Unite the country into the belief that Polio is a national calamity; its elimination is the responsibility of each one of us.
  • Change mindsets. Achieve behavioral change. Turn every Pakistani into a polio beater.

Commence new narrative and national belief:

  • We are a people united and resilient.
  • We have outperformed most countries of the world in the fight against the COVID pandemic.
  • United the country in the determination to completely eliminate Polio from Pakistan.
  • Highlighted bravery of Polio Workers.
  • Though the campaign was Polio centric, it was part of and in support of the overall Sehatmand Pakistan initiative of the Government.

The Campaign objectives

  • To elevate the Polio threat perception to the level of a “National Health Emergency”.
  • To raise awareness, involvement and urgency.
  • To unite Pakistan in efforts to completely eliminate Polio from the country.
  • Momentum was generated and taken to an emphatic conclusion.