By getting involved with MKRF, business organizations, NGOs, students, youth, women, and professionals having substantial experience in any field may be part of our programs in any of the following capacities:


MKRF seeks partnerships with all sphere of society – businesses, donors, civil society organizations, government institutions to further its development agenda. Usually partnerships are made to mobilize human & physical resources and undertaking joint activities.

  • Corporate: Corporations, businesses, trade organizations may partnered with MKRF through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programs & Cause-Related Marketing Programs
  • Development: National and international NGOs, CSOs, development agencies, government department and institutions may join us a Partners-in-Development.


MKRF always need professionals, young people, community workers, mentors to be part of our Volunteers Team. There’re many volunteer opportunities ranging from Emergency Response Teams, Projects Teams, Youth Mentors are available with MKRF, to volunteer your skills & resources, please send your profile to: [email protected]


MKRF attracts, employ and retains highly qualified and diverse range. MKRF is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, social status, and disability. MKRF recognes diversity as source of power and strength to advance its work, MKRF provides an excellent working environment and growth opportunities for its employees to learn, develop and advance their career.

You may send your CV along with covering letter for vacant positions at MKRF to: [email protected]