The Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation (MKRF) is a section 42, nonprofit organization engaged in advocacy campaigns for public good. MKRF uses its strategic relationship with the largest media group in the country, and with other media groups, to develop and run campaigns that change mindsets and behavior in relation to issues of great national importance.

MKRF has campaigned extensively and effectively on issues related to economic development, governance, peace, extremism, freedom of expression, health, education, anti-women laws, etc.

MKRF has a strategic relationship with and access to the reach and influence of the largest media conglomerate of Pakistan – Geo television network, Daily Jang, and The News International. Between them, they have a network of correspondents all over Pakistan. The group also has a substantial presence in the Middle East, the UK, and the USA. MKRF is able to utilize this vast network of correspondents and has been able to establish a relationship of trust with business and corporate leaders, politicians, policymakers, academia, celebrities, and directly with the people of Pakistan.


MKRF believes that the power of communication can change mindsets, make us more tolerant and create a more balanced and empowered society.


MKRF endeavors to crusade against disease and malnourishment, and promotes access to education and justice, especially for the underprivileged. It advocates reforms, good governance, the benefits of peace, economic development and equality.

Core values

Leadership, Participation, Empowerment and Transformation


MKRF campaigns resulted in the following paradigm changes:

  • Amendments in the most draconian and anti-women parts of The Hudood Ordinance.
  • Passage of the sexual harassment law. Corporal Punishment banned through all provincial assemblies.
  • Campaign for peace created a groundswell of public support for peace and trade with India; Aman ki Asha (Hope for Peace) campaign was widely acknowledged as the most effective peace initiative ever between Pakistan and India.
  • Changed mindsets about extremism and terrorism.
  • Increased focus on Education; brought it to one of the top 3 issues on every manifesto. Largest allocation to education in every provincial budget.
  • Changed mindsets and behavior about Polio immunization and Covid vaccines.

We2 – Structure

We 2 Structure

Editorial Control

MKRF is not a media organization, it does not produce any editorial content therefore there is no question of any political party or institution influencing its policy or selection of stories for fact checking.

One of the reasons of branding with the largest media group i.e. Geo and Jang Group, is that these media organizations are fiercely independent in their editorial policy and are large and strong enough to withstand political and commercial pressure. So much so that both Geo television and Jang Group publications have been targeted by almost all civilian and military governments and broadcast and distribution was frequently suspended, advertising by public sector companies, controlled by the government of the day, withheld. Despite these financial and other pressures Geo and Jang Group have strictly adhered to an independent and non-partisan editorial policy. This fierce independence, as well as the exclusive network of journalists and access to primary sources of information, makes Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate an ideal partner.

MKRF Fundings:

Most of MKRF advocacy programs are funded by national and international organizations and donors. At no time has MKRF is ever received any funds in any regard or for any project from any political party. Some examples of funding are the following:

  • Campaigns on Polio eradication: funded by Bill & Malanda Gates Foundation through competitive bidding.
  • Education Awareness and Transformation campaign: funded by DFID through competitive bidding.
  • Campaign related to COVID vaccination: funded by FCDO.
  • Campaign of Climate Change: funded by British High Commission/FCDO.
  • Campaign of family planning: funded by UNFPA/Population Council of Pakistan.
  • Aman Ki Asha (Hope for Peace) a campaign for peace with India: funded by MKRF Geo/Jang group.
  • Zara socheye campaign against Ani-women laws: funded by MKRF & Geo.
  • PUKAAR (campaign on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) due to floods and for Tsunami victims: funds raised from the general public through massive campaign on Geo and Jang Group media.


MKRF works in partnership with Governments, corporations, trader associations, broadcasters and civil society institutions. We also partner with UN agencies and other NGO’s for development programs

    Jang Group

    The Asia Foundation
    Rotary Pakistan international
    Lions Club International
    PAF Museum
    Boy Scout association
  • Collaboration
    In order to get the message across the country, following media outlets partnered with MKRF for DFID Education campaign.
    Wasaib TV
    ATV Khyber
    Apna Channel