Ker Dalo, Pakistan Kay Liye
MKRF Initiative:
Ker Dalo, Pakistan Kay Liye

STUCK in the quagmire of its present economic difficulties, Pakistan has become a source of great concern not only for multilateral and bilateral donors but also for indigenous business houses and all its discerning citizens. There is a sense of things really falling apart. For how long can the country go around with a begging bowl in hand? Many of us have begun to lose faith in the future of our beloved country. One question that constantly agitates so many of us: where do we go from here?

The Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKRF) has — with earnest humility and with the realization that the media has many a time helped wrongly frame the debate, adding fuel to the fire of political decision-making — decided to help create an enabling environment for a difficult economic roadmap to stabilize the country. Behind closed doors, many have articulated the plan to steer Pakistan out of its economic crisis and help get the country back on its feet, but this time we are helping economic experts from all sectors come together to showcase it publicly and create a positive momentum for difficult decisions and crucial conversations. In the process, we also aim to generate hope and belief in the resilience of our people, and in the capability of the many talented and brilliant Pakistanis who have the skill, the commitment and the passion to rally to their country’s assistance.

MKRF and the Geo-Jang Group take pride in announcing the campaign ‘Ker Dalo, Pakistan Key Liye’. As is clear from the rousing slogan, there can no longer be any doubt that the moment of truth is upon us. It is now or never. ‘Ker Dalo’ has the undertones of a revolutionary transformation and a paradigm shift. It confidently assumes that we have the ability to face our problems and devise long-term solutions for a progressive and prosperous future.

Under the MKRF banner, this is a project of the Geo-Jang Group, Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate with the most powerful and influential television, print and digital platforms.

We are proud to have in the past also taken up causes that have sought to heal and unify the nation at critical moments in our history. Campaigns such as Aman ki Asha, Zara Sochiye and Pukaar have established our credentials and the difference we can make to national causes with the support of people who can make a difference.

Only if all patriotic elements in the country rise above personal, commercial, factional and institutional interests and unite for a last-ditch effort can we save Pakistan.

The Ker Dalo Pakistan Key Liye campaign commences today with an acute sense of urgency and will continue for the better part of the year. The Geo-Jang Group, with its network of relationships established over decades, has persuaded people who have the experience and the bandwidth needed to develop a roadmap that addresses all the issues faced by Pakistan skillfully and decisively. We have set up an Advisory Committee to provide oversight and guidance. We are confident that this team of dedicated experts is amongst the best in the business — entrepreneurs, successful CEOs, and economists of renown.

Pakistan is not without its islands of excellence. We would like to record our grateful thanks and appreciation to the people who have rallied to this cause and have committed to serving Pakistan beyond self and corporate interest – Dr Adil Najam, Dean & Professor Emeritus, The Pardee School, University of Boston and President WWF International; Dr Akbar Zaidi, Dean & Director, Institute of Business Administration; Dr Ali Hasnain, Professor of Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Miftah Ismail, former finance minister; Shabbar Zaidi, former chairman FBR; Salman Ahmed, Senior Partner Emeritus and former Managing Director Pakistan, McKinsey & Company; Ehsan Malik, CEO, Pakistan Business Council; Mohammad Ali Tabba, CEO, Lucky One Group; Arif Habib, CEO AHL; Ali Raza Siddiqui, Chairman JS Group; Dr Amjad Waheed, CEO NBP Fund Management; Zafar Masud, President & CEO, Bank of Punjab, Chairman OGDC and Chairman Pakistan Bankers Association; Murtaza Syed, former Dy Governor, SBP; Ahsan Zafar Syed, President & CEO Engro Corp; Ziad Bashir, Director Gul Ahmed Textiles and Ali Jameel, CEO TPL.

The Geo-Jang Group has persuaded these icons to join this endeavour and do their duty as patriotic Pakistanis. They see this as an opportunity to give back to the country that has afforded them such success and glory. Simultaneously, we will build a compelling narrative for the patriotic people of Pakistan that tough decisions need to be taken if we are to sail out of the turbulent waters we are in.