MKRF Initiative: Health

Campaign: MAA – Maternity Action & Aid, Healthcare Centre, Swat

Healthcare Centre, Swat

According to government of Pakistan over 18 million people have been affected by the floods. The death toll stands at 1,667 and around 2,605 were injured. Over 1.2 million houses damaged or destroyed.

Although these floods had affected almost all provinces of Pakistan, but, Khyber Pakhtoon Kha (KPK) province, which had suffered earthquake and Swat crises most recently due to Talibans’ insurgency and subsequent military operations, had not been routed properly, another natural disaster of floods gripped it and damaged most severely. Only in KPK Province 9 million people were displaced, death toll reached 1068 and 1109 people were injured. 0.6 million people remained inaccessible.

Physical infrastructure has also been damaged, roads, bridges, shops, schools and health facilities in large number have been destroyed. Only in KPK, 169 hospitals and health facilities have been damaged.



To reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rate in flood-affected areas


  1. To increase awareness of danger signs during pregnancy and labor as well as information about basic personal hygiene tips and sanitary conditions through trained community health workers (CHWs)
  2. To provide clinical and obstetrics services in all stages of pregnancy – antenatal, natal & post natal including vaccination of pregnant women and newborn in flood affected areas.
  3. To train community health workers and birth attendants (BAs) to provide basic mother & child health services to affected communities at their doorstep as well as create awareness on health issues.