MKRF Initiative: Education

Campaign: Zara Socheya – Education Awareness

Date: 10 January 2013

MKRF launched an education awareness campaign in partnership with DFID. This took a holistic view at the myriad problems relating to education. The campaign raised education to the top 3 manifesto items of all political parties.

“Pakistan is the single biggest education reform challenge on the planet. But it’s really important that this reform is Pakistan’s reform, by Pakistanis for Pakistanis.” Sir Michael Barber

How big is the education problem?

  • At least 7 million children in pakistan are out of school.
  • Imagine the city the size of faisalabad full of children that will never see class room in their lives
  • 1 out of 10 children who do not go to school, live in pakistan
  • 26 countries that are poorer than pakistan send more children to schools
  • 25% teachers do not come to school on any given day
  • Economic impact of lack of education in pakistan is equivalent to the 2010 flood
  • Spend is 2 percent compared to the regional average is 4
  • We need 5 to sustain the current level of population growth!
  • If 100 students enter primary school, only 3 are left by the time of high school!

The Challenges
Cost of not investing in education today

  • If Education Emergency is not declared….it will not only effect 170 million but will effect the 340+ million Pakistan by 2050
  • Largest uneducated workforce anywhere in the world
  • Unable to earn for itself
  • One of the gravest security threats to the region, and to the world
  • The social contract itself can disintegrate
  • The education issue, is THE existential threat