- Connecting People, Skills & Good Causes

MKRF Initiative: Connecting People, Skills & Good Causes

Campaign: Connecting People

Milkar (together) – is platform created for community service, it connects people, skills and good causes.

There are currently over 13,000 volunteers and 151 NGOs registered on the Milkar platform. As soon as an NGO lists a project on the Milkar, an alert is sent out on the Milkar mobile application to all those volunteers who meet the project’s requirements.

Volunteers can sign-up for the project for a specific number of hours, and their public profile on Milkar is updated with the activities for which they have volunteered.

Volunteers can also receive a review from the NGOs for whom they have volunteered. These endorsements, along with their public record of volunteering work, become part of their public profile which they can share as evidence of their volunteering activities.

Milkar has partnered with scores of universities and schools to convert community service projects on Milkar into academic credit units for students. Milkar recently partnered with the Higher Education Commission and the Prime Minister Youth Program to work with students in Green Youth Clubs to promote campus projects which raise awareness about climate change.