MKRF Fact Check

Geo Fact Check

Geo Fact Check is an MKRF fact-checking initiative, which is committed to fighting the spread of misinformation and disinformation on the social media.

MKRF extensively uses media for its advocacy and behavioral change campaigns. It believes in freedom of expression but also that reportage must be factual, transparent, and impartial, while accuracy and transparency of print and television are verifiable with relative ease, and social media is replete with fake news.

MKRF has commissioned an extensive fact-checking initiative utilizing its strategic relationship with Pakistan’s largest media group – Geo, Jang, and TheNews International. Branded Geo Fact Check, the initiative utilizes the extensive network of reporters and correspondents of the group (Geo & Jang Group has a reporter/correspondent every 9 Kilometers throughout Pakistan)

A social media verification team monitors the digital platforms and the conventional media to pick the material of public interest and determine its factual accuracy. There is a criterion for the selection of news to be fact-checked. The criteria include the virality amount of data, facts & figures and other determinants.

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