Keeping in view the inherit expertise “MKRF envisions that use the power of communication for social change can make this world just, more tolerant and free from poverty.”
MKRF works to develop a secure, productive and just communities as well as vibrant civil society through active research, learning and innovative development


Within defied mission & vision, MKR Foundation has a very holistic and integrated approach that seeks to bridge learning, development and communication to address pressing issues faced by the society, market and public sector, currently following thematic areas are the fundamental part of MKRF’s work:

Emergency Response

Emergency response is one of the key areas of focus of MKRF’s work, which has proven its effectiveness during many worst crises of recent times , either it is crises of Tsunami, Earthquake or IDPs of Swat or most recent devastating floods in the country, MKRF provides support to government intuitions, relief agencies having extensive experience and local organizations upholding local relationships. MKRF delivers help within days, when needs are most crucial and an immediate response can make the greatest impact on the lives who needs it. MKRF through its flagship emergency communication program ‘PUKAAR’ has collaborated with organizations of repute to pool physical and human resources and explore learning opportunities to reinforce emergency response capabilities.


Education is globally recognized as the basic of building block for human development and poverty reduction. Ranging from primary to higher as well as technical education, it gives an opportunity to learn, empower and contribute fully to the development of the lives of communities. MKRF has an active focus to impart education and promote it through its innovative projects:

Community Technology Learning Centre
In the field of education, IT Education has found its own place; Information Technology is growing and becoming driving force in IT intensive global society. MKRF has focused on this rapidly changing technology as well as need of IT education and development.

Community Technology Learning Center is an initiative of Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation established in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation, whose mission remains to build an ICT friendly Pakistan by developing global competence for a changing world. CTLC is dedicated to bridge the digital divide by offering Microsoft’s ‘Unlimited Potential’ Curriculum, which is built for people with no prior computer skills. CTLC remains dedicated to its motto “Growth, Development & Achievement”.
For more info please visit www.ctlc.org.pk

Parho Aagey Barrho
PAB is an educational campaign aiming to develop and improve reading habits in the country as well as increase awareness on importance of education in this challenging world. The campaign is a tribute to the legacy of Mir Khalil ur Rahman – Founder of Jang group.

MAA (Maternity Action & Aid)

Detail will be available shortly



Pukaar, is a flagship emergency communication program of MKRF, but not limited only to communication tools & messages, this program provides opportunities to volunteers, communities and businesses to be part of collective emergency response in hours of need. Initially the campaign was launched in January 2005 when Tsunami disaster occurred in South Asia, it was started to create awareness about this calamity as well as raise funds for tsunami victims, but soon after launching the name has become synonymous to effective and efficient emergency response in the country. Previously MKRF has responded the emergencies of:
• Tsunami
• Earthquake
• IDP’s of Swat

Pukaar has also responded to recent crises of floods in the country by joining hands with former sports-star Imran Khan – a credible name in social work and politics.
For more info please visit www.pukaar.org



Special Projects

Pani hey Zindagi
A special TV program on World Water Day at GEO highlighting importance of water in life as well as promoting healthy behaviors among people regarding responsible usage of water.

Choti si Naiki
Pakistani nation has glorious traditions of giving; Chhoti Si Naiki is a small effort to recognize this by promoting philanthropic behavior in the society. The MKRF supported TV programme gained popularity and presented many compelling stories on philanthropic thoughts.

MKRF supports every constitutional effort to establish rule of law in the country, during recent movement for restoration of the judiciary, MKRF’s Public Service Campaign as well as thought-provoking messages has contributed a lot to make this movement a success story through its following titles:
1. Yaad hey Zara Zara
2. Khal Naik Nahi


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