Keeping in view the inherit expertise “MKRF envisions that use the power of communication for social change can make this world just, more tolerant and free from poverty.”
MKRF works to develop a secure, productive and just communities as well as vibrant civil society through active research, learning and innovative development

Since its inception, MKRF has made its strategic thrust for networking and partnership from community based organizations to national and international organizations and institutions. MKRF works in partnership with governments, corporations, trade associations, broadcasters, media professionals and civil society institutions to deliver its programmes. We also partner with UN agencies, national and international NGOs for development programmes and projects.

Business or social development organizations including CBOs & NGOs may support us to achieve common development objectives.


Corporate Partners

• Microsoft
• Jang Group
• Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry –CSR Committee
• HBL – Management Development Institute


Partners-in Development

• The Asia Foundation
• Lions Club International
• Boy Scouts Association
• PAF Museum
• PIA -Emergency Response Centre
• Karwan-e-khair
• Asra Welfare Association


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